Sunday, August 17, 2014

Welcome to All of Our New Students

Well, we've made it through orientation week.  Again, welcome to all of our new students.  I wanted to remind you about a few of the things that I mentioned during my welcome remarks last Tuesday.  First and foremost, speaking on behalf of our great faculty and staff, we're all ABSOLUTELY THRILLED that you've chosen Salus to make your transition from an undergraduate student to becoming a healthcare professional.  We will do this together, as a team.  Our goal is to transform you into the world's best healthcare professional that not only can diagnose, treat and cure but also CARE.  

I will remind you time and time again that our care must be patient centric, placing our patient's best interest before anything else.  For most of you that won't be difficult;  after all, that's why you've chosen to become a healthcare professional.  For a few, you'll have to work at it, and that's okay - we're all here to help!  The other point I wanted to make in this blog entry is that while you all will be busier than you've ever been in the past, it will be extremely important for you to allocate your time so you ensure you both take care of yourselves but also are looking out for each other.  One of the hallmarks of a great healthcare professional is that they walk the talk.  If you're going to be taking care of others and giving advice on healthy lifestyles, you all need to do the same.  There's nothing worse than having one's healthcare provider give advice to a patient that the provider doesn't seem to follow themselves.  Get yourselves to the gym regularly, eat healthy (yeah, occasional pizza and a cheesesteak is okay every once in a while) and get as much sleep as you can.  Really, all of this advice will serve you well over the time your at Salus and beyond.  Get into good habits early so they follow you throughout your training and beyond.

Finally, have fun!  We're all in this together and we want nothing more for you than for you all to succeed - and you all will!  See you around campus!  


  1. Although no expectation that Salus-Cafe be the Whole Foods market, it will be hard to follow your eat-healthy advice...

  2. Okay, I'll continue to work on them. I would offer that they've begun to offer more healthy choices but I too would like to see more!

  3. I think Dr. Mittelman was talking about our general lifestyle and not just here at Salus. So, we ought to begin from our own homes and when we go out to eat. For instance, choosing a glass of water with lemon over soda or choosing salad over a plate of pasta etc. Nonetheless, I will be a great idea for Salus Cafe to offer more healthy food.