Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall Commencement & White Coat Ceremony

White Coat Ceremony, October 2014
As we get ready to march into October, Salus is preparing to celebrate two very significant events; our Fall Commencement on October 6th and our traditional White Coat Ceremony on October 12th. Both of these ceremonies mark significant milestones in the professional careers of our students.

Our Fall Commencement always includes our Physician Assistant program graduates, but this year we're also graduating students who have completed our Master of Public Health (MPH), Doctor of Audiology Online Bridge Program and Blindness and Low Vision program. Commencement marks the transition from being a professional student to becoming a healthcare professional. Thanks to the wonderful education and training they have received at Salus, these very talented individuals will now take their place in the American healthcare system, with an eye on helping to improve how healthcare is delivered in our country.  

The White Coat Ceremony marks transition from the study of pre-clinical or undergraduate studies to clinical health sciences. This ceremony also helps to instill the fact that these new caregivers will now be held to a higher standard of behavior and must earn the trust of their patients. This year we'll be presenting over 300 white coats to students in our optometry, audiology, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology degreee programs. Additionally, we're very honored to have our first cohort of Chinese students who are here to complete a specialized master's program in clinical optometry.  

While some may think these ceremonies are time consuming and unnecessary, I believe they're extremely important for both students and their families to celebrate and reflect on these significant professional milestones. Becoming a healthcare provider requires a very special commitment to lifelong learning, caring and putting others' needs before their own. We absolutely need to recognize this and celebrate all the successes these very special people achieve along the way. 

Congratulations to our graduates and white coat recipients! 

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