Friday, May 26, 2017

A Day of Celebration: Week of May 26th

Students, Faculty, Residents, Alumni, Staff, Board of Trustees and Friends,

Yesterday was truly a day of celebration for Salus, our graduates, their families and our faculty. A lump always forms in my throat when I walk on stage at the beginning of the ceremony. When I look out at how we fill the Kimmel Center and see how many people we’ve touched as a university, I feel a sense of pride shared by everyone celebrating with us. The accomplishments of our students, residents, faculty and staff are enviable - and we are all very lucky to be part of an institution that prepares young professionals to go out into the world to help others. I sincerely thank our faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees for participating in the event.

Yesterday we also celebrated the accomplishments of our largest graduating class ever, which includes our inaugural Speech-Language Pathology and Optometry’s Accelerated Scholars programs. I want to personally thank Dr. Jim Caldwell and his staff for organizing yet another wonderful commencement ceremony. Hours of work goes into this with the culmination being what many of us had the privilege of experiencing yesterday. Congratulations to everyone involved!

his week we also honored many of our graduating professionals at the University’s annual awards luncheon. It was wonderful to see so many of our graduates and their families being acknowledged for their accomplishments. That same day our second year Occupational Therapy students educated many at their Capstone poster session. The depth and quality of their work was outstanding and I think everyone who had to opportunity to peruse the posters walked away with a much better understanding of what occupational therapists do for their patients. They also experienced a great deal of pride in the creativity and professionalism of our students and their faculty mentors. 

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday evening, we had the opportunity to recognize 34 optometry students who completed their Advanced Studies programs. In addition to earning their traditional OD degrees, they also earned certificates in subjects such as binocular vision, neuro-ophthalmic disease, contact lenses and other specialties. Most students took an additional four to five credit hours to make this happen. Thanks to Dr. Vitek, her staff and our subject matter expert faculty members for making this happen!

It’s been a busy week for everyone. Please don’t forget the significance of this Memorial Day weekend as we look forward to our three days off.  We all need to pause and give thanks to all those who fought and served, with some making the ultimate sacrifice, so we can enjoy the freedoms we have.  

Have a safe and restful weekend.


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